Psychotherapy in Frome and Glastonbury.

I have found that psychotherapy has been of great benefit to me in my own life, both when things have been very difficult and in helping me to grow as a human being. I have seen many people with whom I have worked benefitting from therapy and gain positive change in their lives. It is my belief that there are no issues that cannot be voiced and heard and it is my aim to help people to reach their potential and live their lives as they wish them to be.

I have been working now for over 10 years with people in one to one psychotherapy. I trained in Core Process Psychotherapy and am fully accredited with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I also currently run groups and train psychotherapists.

I work with a wide range of issues and with people of many ages and diverse backgrounds. Therapy can be short-term, targeted on specific issues and seeking their resolution as quickly as possible. It can also take the form of longer term therapy, supporting and working with deep life transformations. I offer a strong, supportive and confidential space in which to face life’s difficulties together and am committed to trying to help make actual change through therapy.

I currently work in Frome and Glastonbury in Somerset.

I have included more detailed descriptions about therapy in this web site. It is my experience that it is best to meet up face to face and see how we get along. If you feel that I could help please get in touch and we can meet for a free initial consultation.

About Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy is effective in treating both specific issues and in facing questions of meaning and awakening at depth. Many of us live lives that are limited. Many people suffer from specific conditions such as anxiety.
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About Core Process Psychotherapy
Core Process Psychotherapy is the original Mindfulness based psychotherapy in the UK. Its training is fully accredited by UKCP and is run as an MA course through affiliation with Middlesex University. Find out more
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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like to book a session. Initial consultations are free of charge and normally take about 45 minutes. Sessions are weekly and for one hour. Find out more