About Jonathan White

Jonathan White Psychotherapy and CounsellingI have always tried to live life as fully as I can. Before training as a Psychotherapist, I travelled widely throughout the world for many years, living and working in different cultures and conditions. I have had a lot of adventure but also faced tough life circumstances. I feel that this has helped me to be strong and steady in relationship to whatever difficulties my clients are bringing. I also feel that broad life experience has helped me to be open to the different life choices and possibilities that are open to us.

I began my training as a psychotherapist in 1997 and I have worked for over 12 years now. Currently, I am particularly interested in the dynamics of relationship and trying to work out how we can be less unhappy with our long term partners. I am also working in groups looking at the deep underlying movement of evolution in our consciousness and how we can work to evolve a better relationship to the planet. I work as a tutor at the Karuna Institute where I teach and train students who wish to become psychotherapists. I have taught meditation groups and meditation continues to be important in my life. I live in Somerset with my family.

About Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy is effective in treating both specific issues and in facing questions of meaning and awakening at depth. Many of us live lives that are limited. Many people suffer from specific conditions such as anxiety.
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About Core Process Psychotherapy
Core Process Psychotherapy is the original Mindfulness based psychotherapy in the UK. Its training is fully accredited by UKCP and is run as an MA course through affiliation with Middlesex University. Find out more
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