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About Jonathan White

I have always tried to live life as fully as I can. Before training as a Psychotherapist, I travelled widely throughout the world for many years, living and working in different cultures and conditions. I have had a lot of adventure but also faced tough life circumstances. I feel that this has helped me to be strong and steady in relationship to whatever difficulties my clients are bringing. I also feel that broad life experience has helped me to be open to the different life choices and possibilities that are open to us.

I began my training as a psychotherapist in 1997 and I have been working with people for over 16 years now. I work both with individuals and with couples. I also work with groups and I lecture and teach in Master’s Level Trainings in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy. I am currently launching a Mindfulness Based Core Psychotherapy Training in Bristol. I live with my family in Somerset.

Working with Couples

Relationships as we all know, can be hard. I work with Couples who are experiencing great difficulty in their relationships and may be in crisis. I work both to try a resolve these issues and on occasions to help couples find a way to end their relationship. I help couples understand their relationship better, learn to communicate together and find ways of recreating a positive relational feeling. Within this I help couples process difficult feelings and experiences together. I can help with issues of intimacy and sexuality and the recovery, or even discovery, of sexual and intimate fulfilment. We work in ways that both occur in the room and bring the therapy home with practical tools designed to help outside of therapy.

I also work with couples who are not in difficulty but want to explore ways to deepen their connection together and explore their relationship and its intimacy. It is my hope that we can all find ways to heal together and live in relationships that expand the meaning of our existence, create pleasure and bring joy into our lives.

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