About Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy is the original Mindfulness based psychotherapy in the UK. Its training is fully accredited by UKCP and is run as an MA course through affiliation with Middlesex University.

Core Process Psychotherapy draws upon Buddhist understandings of the nature of mind and from modern western Psychodynamic understanding of individual development. ‘Core’ is a word used to describe the freedom and joy that lies in the heart of our being. ’Process’ refers to the way that that freedom becomes obscured to us through the events of our lives and how as a result we begin to live lives that are identified with suffering and limitation.

Some of the original intention behind Core Process was to take the awakening potential of meditation practice and bring it into relationship. Most of our wounds have been created through relationships, and so engaging in an understanding, caring and non-judgmental relationship can be deeply healing. The presence and care of the therapist really allows us to open up to that which has been too painful to bear. Many parts of our life experience and our emotional reality need to be compassionately received. And by awakening the clarity of awareness, we can really challenge where we are stuck and empower ourselves to make new choices about how we are living.

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